About The Company

ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS was started in response to buyer demand for "new to the world" fashion accessory and beauty accessory products in the marketplace. ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS, located in New York's Fashion District, has launched record breaking success items, including the TopsyTail™, and is regarded as a visionary in the field.

"ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS has Invented a Category," says Accessories Magazine. By offering a multi-faceted portfolio of specialized inventions, we fulfill the needs of the customer with products in the fashion accessories, beauty, personal care and lifestyle categories. The invention categories which we cover include fashion jewelry, hair inventions, headwear and neckwear, weather related accessories, handbag items, bodywear, lingerie accessories, personal care inventions, footwear, beauty inventions as well as lifestyle inventions and products that make life easier. These products have been developed for fashion, cosmetic, specialty chain, drug, spa, salon, mail order catalogues, television retailers, and infomercial companies. While viewing several hundred products a year, a small number are accepted for licensing, sales representation or consulting; based on marketability. As these inventions are brought to us at varying stages, Joan Lefkowitz, founder and president, works closely with the inventor to get the product "market ready." Then, using demographic analysis, guides the individual product to the best matched markets. The company is compensated on a contingency basis for sales and licensing. Consultations are fee based.

ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS and our unique revolutionary group of products have been the featured subject of the media, including TV: on CNN, Bloomberg Business, Working Woman TV, Everyday Living, First Business TV, and NBC Today Show; and magazine and syndicated newspaper stories throughout the country. Women's Wear Daily has called ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS "The Guru of Novelty Marketing." We invite you to check us out for products that make profits.