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Meet The Nichepreneuer: Joan Lefkowitz is a true Nichepreneuer. As the head of Accessory Brainstorms, Lefkowitz acts as a licensing agent and marketing consultant for inventors who have made products of interest to the fashion and cosmetic industry, as well as what are known as lifestyle inventions. If you remember the "TOPSYTAIL" hairstyling tool or the "HAIRDINI" French Twist, you've seen some of the products she's helped thrust into the national spotlight.

Nichepreneuer Knowledge: Lefkowitz is very aware of the importance of branding and has used that expertise to create a strong brand for her own business. Prior to creating Accessory Brainstorms, she ran Accessory Resource Gallery.

"We had a very strong brand there," Lefkowitz said. "From a distinct logo to the color scheme we used, right down to the way we dressed in the showroom." Lefkowitz's employees dressed exclusively in black, red, white, and gray to keep the customer's attention focused on the accessories. "So many of those elements became key in branding Accessory Brainstorms."

"I worked in conjunction with a graphic designer to create a graphic. This is the logo that's on our web site and in all our advertising." Accessory Brainstorms' logo features a prominent lightning bolt. "For our industry, that's very different. And I feel it reflects what we're about -- that flash of inspiration. In a way, the symbol speaks for us."

Nugget of Wisdom: Many visual elements go into creating a strong brand. Consider your color choices, your attire, logo and advertising style, and even the architectural style of your facilities.

Joan Lefkowitz, an original marketer of TopsyTail ™, is president of ACCESSORY BRAINSTORMS, NYC, a licensing agency, sales representative and consultancy for Fashion/Beauty Accessory and Lifestyle Inventions. Accessory Brainstorms is always looking for inventions in these categories, and offers one-on-one consulting. ACCESSORIES Magazine awarded Joan for “Most Inventive Products” and cited her as one of the 100 most important accessories industry “Movers and Shakers”. Contact at