From Accessory Brainstorms

Hallmarks of a good retail invention:

  1. It is functional
  2. Simple to use
  3. Makes life easier
  4. Makes user feel good or more attractive
  5. Retails for $40 or less
  6. Has an element of magic

Preparing to present your invention:

  1. Make your model or prototype as good as you can get it to make a fine impression.
  2. Have viewer sign a simple non-disclosure form.
  3. Bring supporting documentation: copies of patents, manufacturing costs, testing and market research results. Index a folder for quick reference.
  4. Be prepared to make deals on your product when good, realistic ones are offered. If you hold out too long, the product may become overexposed or stale.
  5. Keep presentations short and informative. If viewers have further questions, they will ask.  Rehearse your "pitch" in advance and fine tune it.
  6. Don't oversell. Your invention/new product idea will speak for itself. Note the important features and functions in outline form. Be precise and factual.